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What is the role of tubing head

Release time:2020-09-22 Views:224

The tubing head is installed on the casing head, and its function is to suspend the tubing in the well and seal the annular space between the tubing and the oil layer casing. At present, the jacking valve suspension method is mostly used,...

What is the oil tree

Release time:2020-09-22 Views:165

Oil tree is a wellhead device used to extract oil, such as spouting wells and mechanical production wells. It is the main equipment for controlling and regulating oil and gas production at the uppermost part of an oil and gas well....

The role of the tree which?

Release time:2020-09-22 Views:236

The Christmas tree is a wellhead device for a spouting well. It is mainly used to suspend the tubing string running into the well, seal the annular space of the tubing casing, control and regulate the production of the oil well, ensure operation...

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